Reading at Reunion

Last weekend I headed to Connecticut College with a dear friend for our college reunion.  The reunion planners were kind enough to include me in a panel called “Natural Wellness: Alternatives that Connect Body, Mind and Spirit.”  It was a really interesting conversation, and I had a chance to learn about Zero Balancing, and to meet Dr. Kenneth Larkin, known as “The Almond Doctor.”

Later in the afternoon, I was thrilled to participate in an author’s panel with other alums.  Their books were fascinating.  They included Donald Gallinger’s novel The Master Planets;  Anne Marguerite Herbst’s beautiful book of drawings with poems, Line by Line; Anne Verplank’s Quaker Aesthetics: Reflections on a Quaker Ethic in American Design and Consumption, 1720-1920; and the photographs of Miles Ladin in Celebrity and Performance.

We each offered brief remarks or a short reading.  It was my first public reading for Music at the End of Life, and I was honored to be among such talented writers and artists.  It was a pleasure to hear their remarks about art-making, as well as their reflections about how faculty at Connecticut College helped to shape their work.

Following the reading, we had a chance to sign books and meet some of the participants.

For those of you who are wondering, the answer is yes, that isphotograph of Paris Hilton behind me.

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