Jen Hollis is a close reader, a book chaplain, and a seamstress of words. Her careful edits and enthusiastic cheerleading were instrumental to my process in turning my collection of essays into a soon-to-be-published memoir. She is a consummate professional and I could not recommend her more highly.

Liz Hauck, author of Home Made: A Story of Grief, Groceries, Showing up – And What We Make When We make Dinner (Dial Press, June 2021)

You are the best editor, seriously, because you have a sharp pen and yet you are so soft and loving with it.

Susan Holmberg, PhD, Political Economist

I’ve published personal essays in the New York Times and Washington Post, a heavily researched book on music and end-of-life care, and an issue brief for Pew Charitable Trusts. You can read my work here. For eight years, I was the assistant director of admissions at Harvard Divinity School, reading and evaluating applications as a member of the admissions committee.

As a Capricorn and an older sister, I am relentlessly organized and deadline-driven. Let me help you find your way to a final, publishable draft.

My strengths are a sense of humor, a keen eye, and a deep compassion for the awfulness of writing. Because I am a writer myself, I know how much it can feel like hitting a rock with a stick, hoping it will become a piece of furniture. But I will believe in your work, offering space, hope and a tiny bit of bossiness so you can keep going, get your project finished and launched into the world.

I will discuss and consider any type of writing, but I am particularly interested in personal essays, developmental editing of memoir, and admissions essays. While my command of grammar is good thanks to my high school English teacher, Sr. Basil, I am not a copy editor.

If you are a first-generation or low-income student applying to college or graduate school, I can offer a deep discount for help with admissions essays and advice on navigating the admissions process.

To discuss your project or ask questions, please contact me.