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Music at the End of Life: Easing the Pain and Preparing the Passage (Praeger) is available through any local independent bookstore,  Amazon, and many public libraries.

“Hollis draws upon her own personal experience and expertise to illustrate how the experience of dying can be positively affected by and with music. Of special note is the documented discussion of the use of music in hospice care and the valued role can play as part of palliative medicine for terminal illnesses…Superbly organized, informed and informative…” Read the full review from the Midwest Book Review.

Healing into Wholeness in the Episcopal Church in Religion and Healing in America, Linda Barnes and Susan Sered, Eds. (University of Oxford Press)

The New York Times 

Songs of Transition in The New York Times The Opinion Pages and the Sunday Review

Providing the Soundtrack for Life’s Last Moments in The New York Times On Work series

The Washington Post 

I let my stepdaughter find out the sex of my baby, but had her keep it a secret from me in The Washington Post, On Parenting blog

The Pew Charitable Trusts 

How Faith Communities Facilitate Conversations Around End-Of-Life Concerns issue brief for The Pew Charitable Trusts

Q&A interviews with faith leaders prepared for The Pew Charitable Trusts

Essays and Articles

For the Dying, Music can be Magic, Next Avenue (Twin Cities Public Television)

Hearing the Wake-Up Call of Your Creative Life, The HerStories Project

How I Used a Yankee Swap to Clean My Whole Basement in Real Simple (online)

Music for the Dying in The Progressive

What Churches Don’t Get About Ministering to Marginalized Women in Sojourners (online)

On Writing Every Day in Literary Mama Blog

Everything Counts, in Literary Mama

The Flying Room in Word Riot

Dying Wishes, in The Christian Century (cover story)

Lotus Flowers and Rose Windows: A Season of Visits to Hospital Chapels in Religious Healing In Boston: Reports from the Field, Susan Sered, Editor. (Cambridge: Center for the Study of World Religions)

God Always Heals, But Does Not Always Cure: The Search for Healing in the Episcopal Church, in Religious Healing in Boston: First Findings, Susan Sered and Linda L. Barnes, Eds. (Cambridge: Center for the Study of World Religions)


Baby Boy Hollis, in Breakwater Review, finalist, Peseroff Prize in Poetry

How I can do it, in Crosswinds Poetry Journal, Volume IV, 2019


While the iPhone was in Rice in Cleaver Magazine